Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RETRO TRIP -Santorini July 17-20

Stayed at Firostefani, 15min. walking distance to Fira (nice, sunny sea shore view). There's a spot where people waits for the sunset. The ferry pulled in bit before sunset, the natural beauty of the volcanic island is quite stunning, overwhelming. pretty much "WOWED" by it. took me a while to get used to it

the island is long but narrow, buildings are built layers upon layers, it's kinda funny how pretty much every hotel also has swimming pool. saw some swallows flying about, prob. has their nests on the cliffs. stayed at Sophia hotel, have breakfast and internet at Milos Cafe across from it, the Cafe has a great view of the sea side, the fresh air and evening view from the top of the cafe is breathtaking, but i never remembered to take the camera with me. later in the stay, i had discovered the roof of the hotel is a perfect place for sunset and sunrise pictures. woke up early one morning to wait for the sunrise, it's been a while since i'v actually seen sunrise no one seems to go up there, managed to use timer to take pictures up there all on my own.

there'r some funny souvenir items in Fira. there's the cable cars (shorter ride than i expected), donkeyed up or down to the Old port-Fira centre which i did, the donkey body is rough, my mule/donkey (i dont' know which it was) loved the edges of the wall as we go up, pretty much bruised my calf and it charged right through the donkey crowd heading opposite our direction oh and NO ONE leads the donkey, once it gets a rider, OFF it went on its own!! pretty scary at first but it was fun after a while the people in charge won't let the older ladies ride the donkies though.

went on the boat to head over to the volcanoe, when the boat arrived, there were lots boats there already, so we had to go from boat to boat to get on to the volcanoe. the volcanoe is quite impressive, though bit of walking to the crater. there are 2 paths set out for visitors , any place outside those bounds might encounter loose rocks and unstable grounds. Met a Chinese mom and daughter from Toronto, but i guess I don't look chinese, we just chatted in English. we had to wait for the right boat to come by to get back to Fira OR if one's heading to other destinations (like hotspring..etc.) hops on a different boat.

bused to Oia one day, it's even more pretty there, not as many people as Fira of course. didn't like the fact that beaches are not as accessable as in Mykonos, had to walk bit to the red beach. only bummer of the trip is actually the closing of Akrotiri site off to the public!!!

I luv the appetizer choices, which sometimes are limted here in Van's restaurants. Santorini wine is awesome though i only drink white lately.
Dead tired by the afternoon cuz of the early sunrise gig then went off for the last walk in Fira

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