Thursday, August 12, 2010

RETRO TRIP - Crete Rethymno arrival July 20

Haven't met any Canadians on this trip till i was having an Amstel at the port waiting for the ferry, a family of Canadians from Toronto was waiting for a smaller ferry to go to the island of Folegandros, they were joking that they'r not sure if they'll like it and that they'r doing a 'survivor show', they were funny. While we were sitting there, we saw a man started shouting and waving feverishly at the small ferry that just pulled out of the port, after quite some time, he and his travel companion found out from the port authority...THAT WAS NOT their ferry !!!

A couple from the New Mexico sat next to me at the port restaurant, started chatting and found out they'r also heading to Rethymno for a wedding, she told me "i wish i had a picture of my sister cuz you guys could be twins except your lips!" THAT was surprising, either I'm loosing my 'typical' Asian features OR her sister is of mix ethnicity.

Oh and while i was just listening to 2 little Greek kids fooling around and talking to their parents, the dad and mom started asking me in broken English where i'm from and where I am going ...etc. i think they were trying to practice English, they are also heading over to Rethymno for holidays after their stay in Iraklio, even gave me their mobile number to call them, of course i didn't haha. THAT was NOT the only time I was offered/given a phone number that same day

I don't think I'll ever get used to GREEK TIME..the ferry was an hour or so late, but at least this time i was used to the speed of the FLYING CAT4. We arrived in Iraklio port around 9pm and then I had my fingers crossed that the driver will be there still to get me to Rethymno ...1.5 hour drive! well, driver WAS there, but the next 1.5 hour was crazy life advice/conversation IN GREEK!! from the driver in his 50s (said he was working in shipping business in TW 30 years ago). imagine, i was dead tired , but for safety precausions, didn't think i should fall asleep. the drive from Iraklio-Rethymno was not a well lit 'I see lights' kinda's a bit nerv wreking.

According to the 'nice meaning well' driver, i should find a nice Greek boy to marry since I speak Greek and single...etc. etc. funny thing, he wasn't welling to marry HIS own daughter off so soon. At one point, he kinda realized that he was giving too much advice "you must think i'm a malakas' he said to me...

anyway, finally we got into Rethymno, it's about close to 11pm, then the driver told me the street to the hotel is closed for cars, so i had to drag my luggage walking 10 minutes (okay, it felt longer cuz i had to ask people if I'm any way near as i walked). finally found the place, entrance is an alley way. the hotel staff was quite pleasant and goodness, the room was the nicest and biggest bathroom, bed of all the hotels i'v stayed in so far. (and good flate screen tv...very important).

i was so dead tired after cleaned up bit, called and let people know i got into the place... i didn't even lock the i found out the next morning

p.s. and i thought the 20 minutes drive alone in the taxi around 10pm from Thessalonik airport to the hotel 8 years ago was to this one...THAT was nothing.

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