Monday, August 16, 2010

RETRO TRIP - Crete Iraklio Knossos

#1 Goal for Crete visit was Knossos, the temp. is getting really hot and trying to figure out a short and shadowy way from LEO hotel to the main bus stop was bit of a study, but got there and with my luck, I JUST miss the bus and then had to wait for a while for the next one. good thing about those terminal bus stop, at least there IS public washroom w/ FREE toilet paper available!!!

remember someone told me to get round trip bus ticket right off and there are bus schedules in Grk and English, there are tvs posting when/which buses# are leaving next and also with the PR system. the buses leave either EARLY or ON TIME. no drinking or eating on the bus and they'r quite particular about keeping the bus clean, except some bus drivers still smoke. make sure the ticket control person doesn't take your return ticket slip...that almost happened to me. There are apparently 2 different bus companies but if you show the tickets, they'll let you know. Rethymnon-Iraklio about 1.5 sea-mountain scenary drive, but mostly i doze off on the bus, it's nice to go from one terminal stop to the other, you always get a seat!!

Iraklio is like a mini Athens, the Knossos bus stop is right next to the big bus terminal, you can't miss it. bus makes a few stops through the city centre before arriving at Knossos. while waiting 4 the bus, got to meet Adam from the states. so we walked the site together and it's good to have someone taking pix for ya. not much left at the actual site, goodness, i firmly believe that the people left Knossos b/c the crickets were too loud, some reason, they bug me. the site is hot, the pythoi GIGANTIC, they were taller than Adam, who's pretty tall tall. i think my fav. was when we got to the throne room, they were doing some restoration. the throne room is freaking amazing!

got back to the bus stop and trying to figure out best way to find the museum where they house all the finds fro knossos, turned out, if you go up the only stairs right at the bus parking lot, and keep going to the left for 2 blocks, then turn right, you'll see the museum, but if you really like to walk, you can gl ALL the way around the bus route...
I asked a Greek couple, the papou was trying to help but the giagia's like "i don't know, i don't know" (eh..i even asked in Greek!)..i was thinking 'HOW RUDE", just the way she was saying it. then I turned my head, BOOM, there it is the MUSEUM!!
anyway, the museum was awesome!

there are two other museums (not exactly archaeological though), but i was pretty tired from the bus ride, the heat and using my brain ;P so i decided to hop on the bus back to Rethymno. cleaned up and decided to head out for a stroll at pedestrian only odos Arkadiou and had a 2 EU pita souvlaki with fries (NO ONIONS no thank you!) one of my fav thing to eat.

What did I do in the hotel? well, i watched BONES and Turkish soap Xilies kai mia nixtes, really testing my subtitle reading skills.
though not long enough to pick up any Turkish words

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