Tuesday, May 20, 2014

most challenge?

the most time consuming and difficult is the battle of the pajamas buttons!!!! i always get tgem wrong no mater how focused i am . maybe my brain consider them as Math...
H2 had his first vaccination shots, sad baby :(

Sunday, May 18, 2014

H2 Horsie baby

well, never too early to practice thinking....

getting lots smiles lately!

carrier snap photo

last 10 minutes of waiting for mommy snack on student union sofa.

almost 3 hours of continuous walking...surprised he let me sat down without waking up for 20 minutes!

A day in the life in maritime

eye lashes are growing!

hm....sorry no baby milk

my official iogo keeper

H1 Dragon boy turns 2 part 3 Family gifts!

Me trying to multitask by taking photos and entertaining H2 with mobile Woodstock

surprise! more books, there were more gifts i just didn't get photos of them

Truck in the mud card made by mommy!

H1 Dragon boy turns 2 part 2

He loves Mary's girls since he was a baby!

Family photo!

whip cream on the face

Nainai did it!

come back to your own party! 

"sharing" new toy with a friend

H1 Dragon boy turns 2

homemade card...forgot the other side, will find the photo, it's Truck in the Mud

mommy made cake early in the morning

sharing with nainai

still talks about Happy Birthday at the garage 3 days after this

mommy made guagamoli

only time I got to wear something that's not jeans outside

Daddy made a dragon kafe for his friend

Dingle fun

view from Dingle playground


rubbing the stones

dad took the picture, i was just been a goof but i didn't notice H was doing something too. turned out funny

walking to playground

Thursday, May 15, 2014

waiting for bath time

Dancing with grandma

dancing post dinner, wouldn't let my mom eat!!! "so fast" he said.


like the hair do?

cushion fortress 

entertaining by grandma