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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RETRO TRIP- Mykonos July 14-17

while I knew i had dudged a flight srike by one day, i knew it was too easy, everytime i travel, there's some kinda transportation into Mykonos, walked out the small airport and looking for the sign that has my name on it..nope, nope, nope, no sign of the p/u , even asked the people that were there
. TIP: ALWAYS GET A PUBLIC PHONE CARD which thankfully i had to call find out what happened. there was a couple who didn't have the phone card and having hard time even trying to call their travel agent!

anyway, transportation sorted, stayed at Kosmoplaz hotel at Platis Gialos, right at the beach, did some serious floating there hha, ..and the hotel staff 's very helpful (a shoutout to Dimitrios!!), the hotel restaurant staff's really funny too.
I loved it that everyone speaks at least 3 languages fluently. i saved lots $ by NOT going on guided tours. bused around, it's not far from Mykonos Hora.
speaking of, the second time i went into the Xora, almost lost, walked all the way to the port, bit far from Fabrika Sq. for the buses. good thing the walk's always entertaining and fun with diff. stores, and people's houses.
No clubbing, but hey, i think I know where the post office is without getting lost or asking! post office has AC...good thing for a hot hot day

Had my first frappe !! had yogourt and honey every morning..yum yum

Delos was fabulous, very hot and major site to walk around but tottally worth it. boat to-return ticket 15. i think some guided stuff was like 30 or more than that.

had a balcony, was windy and hot, so laundry was a no brainer.
P.S. I didn't see any birds on the beach...maybe they were up flying while i was there, didn't see any sea creatures either :(

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