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Monday, August 9, 2010

RETRO TRIP -Athens July 11-13

A day to remember, not only b/c that was the moment of World Cup Final but it was the day that after 8 years of thinking, and more thinking, finally setting out on this trip on my own (granted, i had transportation and accomadation sorted, after all, i aren't the backpacking type!) There were some serious doubts of actually backing out due to the news on strikes, but with everything all lined up as it should, I SIMPLY HAD TO GO.

It's a route that i'v not flown before, next to me sat a grandma who hasn't been back to Greece for 13 years, so i had her tagged along once we realized she's gonna be on the same connecting flight. the part of Frankfurti airport we were at has no AC, forturnately i had packed pair of shorts 2 change into. Frankfurt A is freaking big, had to walk 'far far away' from where were were to the next depart gate.

skipping over to the most exciting part of my Athens arrival, the Amazon hotel is about 5 minutes walk from Syntagma Square (fortunately, no protesting there when i was there), not far from plaka and not far from Monastiraki. made sure i got myself a phone card from the periptero and called my friend whom i hasn't seen for 10 years. neither of us can believe I finally made it there still can't believe it!

the following morning, I had checked out the neighbourhood, there are some tourists but not as many as i had expected, The afternoon consited of the walking tour of Athens I had signed myself up for. walked for 4 hours ...yep in my fliplops!! went through, A. Acropolis, Agora, Temple of Zeus, national Gardens, Parliament, herodes Atticus, Plaka, Monastiraki (touristy flea market), the Olympic Stadium,

p.s. there's a guy in the flea market that used 2 live in winnepeg, but i didn't buy anything from him

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