Monday, August 30, 2010

RETRO TRIP - Crete Xania .

Decided to head over to Xania after all, by now, i'm an expert at NOT getting lost
from the hotel 2 the bus terminal, walking through the alleyways to avoid the scorching sun; and of course by now, i have
the handy bus time table for the 1 hour or so bus ride to Xania.

after been in the old town R. for a bit, it was kinda overwhelming to be in Xania's centre, too many cars, motors. it's not hard to find the major souvenir streets and that's where i found free useful maps of the place. Lots of tourists, lots of sponges, jewellery shops, and even more leather shops. Had a hard time finding the museum, apparently i had walked passed it the first time, well, it's not as extravagant on the exterior, but the finds inside were awesome! several well decorated coffins . think i took a few prohibited photos (some items have not been published officialy, not supposed to take pix of them) oh, well.

Kept walking down, arrived at the plateia with the fountain, old port, mosque, horses/carriages (??not sure why), light house. Decided to stay for lunch, had a frappe with ice cream in it! mousaka, though, i had to avoid all the meat, had forgotten it's beef! and i was NOT about see the "RETURNING " of the meat later that night in case it didn't pass my tummy's test for freshness.

There were lots of signs out for renting rooms. guess there aren't as many tourists in Xania at the time. funny, i ran into Adam on the way back to the bus terminal heading back for Rethy. went to the beach , too wavy still, but it's late enough that didn't have to pay for the chair and the umbrella.
couldn't resist, got myself a dragon henna (i usually get a scorp. must be subcons. influence from the movie heehee ) the brother and sister from Netherland next to me were cute kid, the boy got a tiger and tried to have a conversation with me.
Had a glass of Raki after dinner (yummy Kleftiko!!), i think the staff at the hotel gave me a 'are you sure' look, for ordering the Raki i mean. i become a mr...haha


desdemona said...

looks like you had such a fun time! love your photos, too! x0x

kephallinian said...

I did have a great time! didn't know i could survive without vacation days till the summer for this trip.
i took so many photos on the trip that after i got back, I haven't been able to get back to photo taking mode..should start soon again.