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Monday, August 23, 2010

RETRO TRIP - Crete Fortezza/Beach in Rethym.

one thing about not tagging with tours is that i get to decide when to wake up and what i wanna do for the day. This was a Fortezza day, as boneheaded as I am, i had walked half of the Fortezza perimeter until i found the entrance under the scorching sun. There were LOADS of people all locals, first i thought, maybe a wedding, then i realized I had witnessed some kinda graduation, prob. high school, everyone's taking pix and vids, and so I took pix and vids of everyone DOING just that.

but as i walked to the other parts of the Fortezza, i met some other tourists, not many, just a few. poked my head into the gun holes and really you can see strategically, the Fortezza is well located, one can see the 'enemy' from all sides,well, esp. water front. As i walked through the grounds, I thought..who knows how many men have died here, burried underneath still.

was considering going somewhere else but decided to get more familiar with the old town streets and some souvenir shoping.
went 2 check out the beach, 10 minutes walk , it was very windy, the waves are crazy, but i had not brought the swim gear with me on the walk. settled for one of the water front restaurant to fill the monster, so hot that i didn't even feel like eating for lunch, but i did have a big breakfast.
honestly, i was quite tired so i listened to my body and had returned to the nice big bed with AC and fell asleep with the tv on with 1001 Nights (turkish soap) then ..BONES of course.

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