Saturday, September 11, 2010


and We'r bACK to Retro Trip, this should be final entry for the trip. FINALLY!!

Taxi trip this time from Rethym. back to Iraklion airport was quiet, i even dozed off, thankfully the driver wasn't a chatty one. The flight was delayed an hour, it wasn't a full flight, think if i can stretch out on all 6 seats i would be able too! and just my luck, there was a flight cancelled, whole flight of people lining up at Sophie Hotel, and be a good Canadian, i lined up with the people, after 20 minutes or so, i finally found out, people who'v booked already didn't have to be in that LONG line...
By the time found the room, it was late late. The room was great, nice beds, big bathroom (2 types of shower heads! even can hear the radio and tv in there!) . Without using visa to open the phone line, wasn't able to call from room, had to walk back to the airport to use the public phone (fortunately, still have those phone cards.
Next day, hoped on to the Metro ...almost went downtown till thought of asking people, finally rightfully went on the sub. line.
Stayed at friend's place, finally saw the rest of the family and the kids and yep, Lambros the hyper dog who almost ate the icecream. Kids were not shy, super smart (but then i AM biase haha).

While in Athens, bought a few books (kinda working on reading them currently), love the bookstore, would have bought more but the luggage limit is only 23kg!! (super bummer that is)
Went to see a band at the local open theatre, very cool experience. love the songs.

Went to the new Athens Museum, quite fabulous. love it!

The truck drivers were on strike, no Petro, less traffic. only thing is having hard time flaging down taxi at some places.
We went to see Aida at the H. T. hard seats but it's quite an experience , lots of people , big and great production. breathtaking theatre setting.
It takes a while to exit, most people were waiting for the small steps, been me, I thought i'd yell "TIMBER!!", maybe people will part a way? :P Stav. and Sophia thought that was funny. and been me, i decided to get down by the big steps.

Sophia's a great driver, got us out of the downtown traffic quickly, on our way, there was a whole police motorbike team gathering from all places to the main was an interesting sight.
Got back 'early' around 1am-ish and I had to leave for the airport by 3am, only had a wink of sleep. (by the time i arrived Van. realized i didn't sleep for 2 days, can never sleep on flight)
Can't believe it was over, MISSING the folks in Athens of course!
p.s. was on the same flight as a family from work, surprised to see them in Frankfurti. Had a very Germanish brunch at the airport and a glass of white before boarding.

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