Saturday, August 16, 2008

URH!! Bloody relatives

Surely everyone has one of those relatives, IMMATURE, MONEY HUNGER, NOT an ONZE of FEELINGS ....40-50 something adults, shame shame, that's about one of the things that makes my blood boil..
Worse yet, they only blame other people for been money hunger, FRAKING IDIOTS, who wants the stupid money!
too much time on their hands, get a life of their own, do their own dirty work instead of trying to get everyone else to pit against everyone else....
not everyone goes as low like them for money, or even think about getting the stupid 'inheritance' gosh.. seriously some adults needs to be smacked right on the head, to make their brains work properly.

1 comment:

desdemona said...

yes! i hate how that is something that motivates people more than anything. sad.