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Friday, August 8, 2008

don't like sharing the sanctuary

course I don't know the answer to, someone asked me if I go swim all on my own (well, yes, I said) and the other person said it's kinda lonely? (of course I didn't think so).
Then, 2 other people wanted to come along tomorrow, and really, I do see it as a kinda drag...ah...maybe i'm just too used to been on my own, or the freedom of choosing doing whatever whenever or I just love the 'alone' time i have with me myself and I (despite the fact that there are many people at the pool).

buggers....or maybe that's my 'sanctuary', i don't really wanna have someone there that i actually know. buggers, double buggers, just blame myself for keeping my words...


desdemona said...

i TOTALLY understand that. you need your "you" time.

kephallinian said...

fortunately b/c it's colder today, they all chickened out. so the sanctuary time is still MINE, MINE!!!
I'm at the same mindset like the bub now, she's gonna say that a lot !

desdemona said...

oh, great! :D