Monday, November 12, 2007

the people want to know

what'r the most asked questions that's directed towards me?
#1. Are you Filipino?

#2. Are you from Tailand?

#3. Really? you are Chinese?

#4. Do you really speak Mandarin? =OMG, (turning to his/her friends), "she (meaning I) speaks Mandarin!!

#5. Are you a musician too? (to this, i always reply "nah, we only need one musician in this family, otherwise, the musicians
should watch out...cuz I 'll get them!)

#6. What? you speak a little Greek too? was it b/c you had a Greek boyfriend? (ah, nope, and I can't explain why i luv all things
Greek, um pretty much)

#7. Why don't you want to get a drivers license? (while thinking in my head "well, i don't ask you why you don't do certain

Just funny to me is all.


desdemona said...

yay no driver's license!! me neither. and i'm not telling you the reason ;)
people don't REALLY ask if you're filipino, chinese, thai, do they??? what is wrong with people???? do you say, "no, i'm canadian"? :)

kephallinian said...

sadly, THEY DO really ask me. i guess they know i'm canadian. but it's Filipino people who asks me if I'm philipino most the time..that's why it's funny. and Chinese people dont' know i'm chinese either. I actually had a parent asked me if I was spanish..when i was little, i had short curly hair and someone asked my mom if I was from Hawaii, and that was back in Taiwan. so i get used to it.

Jack said...

We are Filipino??!