Monday, November 12, 2007

Sensory Overload

First time set my foot in Riverrock, NOT to gamble but Jack had arranged for dad and I to attend concert that one of his friends is in, Giorgia Fumanti . Eventhough, she only sang 4 songs as a guest for the Chinese 12 girls band, her voice is amazing, the range is great, and looks like she really enjoys singing.
oh, Steven Segal was there for the concert and to talk? i don't really now why he's there after the concert. not a fan of his.
well, all and all I say say HELLOO to Giorgia and "it's Time to say goodbye" to Sarah Brightman.


Jack said...

That's really funny... "Time to say goodbye to Sarah Brightman..." :)

kephallinian said...

you'r the only one who got one noticed that even when i put that on my msn. some Brightman fans people are. haha