Saturday, November 17, 2007

The New Thing of Last Year and This Year?

Every year in November, I try to think of something new that I'd do either as a continuous thing or a start of something. My brother Jack asked me what was it last year? I couldn't really answer cuz at the time I didn't remember. After a week, I finally remembered. Yes, it's groundbreaking! heehee. the New thing of last year was 'to increase the use of make up'! i know it's strange new thing to have; but then why not? I had spent the money on those make up (thus no longer using SAMPLES!) just for Jack and Eileen's wedding. thus far, the 2006 new thing has been successful.

2007 New Thing: Not giving up on what I'v chosen to believe in and Act on it (this after a recent viewing of an inspirational film). more on the thoughts of the film hopefully the next entry.

ou, and maybe I'll start on studying that little evil book "Roadsense for Drivers"...God knows how many books i'v read and 'concquered' of various genres,, but it looks like i'm having a ROAD BLOCK with this one book, it amazes me how many 16 year olds can actually get through the book. well, I think this year i might just give it another try. while it's nothing new but maybe I can 'manipulate' myself into believeing in the good reasons and motivations for starting it again.

Let the challenges begin.
p.s. November 17...interesting name, one of the strange things i know


Jack said...

Excellent! THAT'S definitely the new thing for 2007, DRIVING!!! ;) Totally should be the new challenge!

Just remember, don't press both pedals at the same time and you'll be fine!

love, J

kephallinian said...

yee of little faith brother. thanks for the necklace. you know i like them chunky ones.