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Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Should Explain

yes, I should explain why I'm thinking of taking the Driver's License thingie again...for many years, I had been encouraged, 'threatened', and I believe mostly even discriminated against and laughed at, looked at sideways just b/c I don't have the DL. someone even asked me once: "how did you get by till this age without the DL?"
well, NONE of THOSE are the reasons why I'm taking up the DL book again, for I am a rebel at heart, and I do not yield to the pressure, i'd only do the opposite.
the REAL REASONS: 1. b/c now I feel like it and no one's asking me i do it. 2. practical yet paranoid reason..if there's real usual emergency (or need to evacuate to another city!) least I can drive off. 3. it'll be nice to let dad be able to be the passenger and not driver all the time.

all in all, i fraking doing it for me, moi, ego. though, i think it should be recognized that it is NOT RIGHT nor COOL to discriminate people who does not have DL!! you'd be surprised how many people do!


desdemona said...

yeah! you tell them, sabrina. i also have no license. and i won't get one until people stop buggin' me about it.

kephallinian said...

darn right about it !