Monday, November 26, 2007

Have you ever feel

Have you ever try doing push ups in slow motion?
the burning rush afterwards is amazing...i can feel the heat starting from the base of my ears to the very tips.

and there are Rdeers among us walking on this very ground...what?!

p.s. I rarely shop without purpose. Know what i"m looking for, walk in and check quickly, try it on quickly then pay. really that's what i did this afternoon, decided that the Dion album wasn't gonna be my only gift to meself. ended up buying two dress shirts for $30.59. less even than I thought was gonna be.

tis, was a good day indeed., 'save freezing my butt and thighs off standing high during the Santa Parade.


desdemona said...

you changed your layout! i like it, it is very crisp.

kephallinian said...

thanks! i thought i'd come out of the 'darkness'