Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's on your Xmas list?

Xmas is coming, discussion of gifts for secret santa at work, gifts for family members starting to take up spaces among the many (i hope!) nerve gaps in my brain. It's not even December yet and there are xmas songs, decors. in malls, people's porch and gardens with lights...even one of my fav. show BONES just aired a Xmas episode (wait.., does that mean it's gonna be reruns from now on? axhh!)

All this Xmas list talk is turning super materialistic, as my brother kept asking me "so what's on your list?", i repeatedly told him "i don't know i don't know i don't know!". it's true, I don't really know what he can give me, that is in the material sense. what I want he can't give me.
now, we have to come up with lists of gift ideas for our secret santa at work, for days, my mind was blank on what to put on there. is it me or other people seems to have ready ideas of what it is that they want that can be purchased?

not that i don't crave buying things, i do...when i know i need them, i go and shop for it. but in the spirit of Xmas, I'v always thought it's odd that I can almost say "i don't want you to buy anything for me". this year, this rings even true with so many things that I had seen, witnessed and experienced.

All in all, one must give others the satisfaction of buying something , so in the end, I too had to crunch up a list for my secret santa at work., but still, no list idea for Bro. guess I'll have to fire more neurons for that one.

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