Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Confession...

This, would be the confession of a Celine fan. yep, I'm still a Celine Dion fan, the confession part would be that when I first heard her on the radio with "The Power of Love" , i did not like her voice, or the way she sang. but then the more I did hear her voice, I realized geez, this woman can sing!

Been a fan ever since and I think that's more than 10 years ago. I'v been pondering on the reason why i didn't like her voice in the beginning, today I think I found the answer to that by looking at the voice similarity of all the singers I'v got on my music library; I like singers who has a bit of hoarse, low 'magnetic' (as i call it) kind of voice. and Celine's unique voice is crispy clear especially when she sings ballads.

heck , but this new rock less ballad album really brings out her other voice range....
Yes, I still love listening to Celine. (you can't believe how many questionable facial expressions i receive every time I tell people that). Everytime I hear someone sings the songs she had on her albums, all I can hear is Celine singing it.
Crazy i know!

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