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Thursday, November 22, 2007

is there a theme?

Here's me and all the gifts I got for my Bday. I think there's a theme with the gifts this year: sheep pillow and scorp. sign necklace, a drum, body butter, self realization, improvement and relaxation.ou and smell good ? haha. who knows. My best friend/sister who in the midst of her busy work/school schedule had ordered something from Victoria Secret , told me that it'll be late but there'll be lots colours of the same thing, hmmm, i was thinking "maybe i should be afraid of what she's sending?", certainly will see in Dec. then. i have not figure out what to give myself this year yet...i have just a few minutes then it'll be Nov.23rd...


desdemona said...

did you figure out what to give yourself yet?
that sheep pillow looks cute, i like sheep. baaaa!

kephallinian said...

I was born in the year of Sheep, so i have um, a herd of sheeps..plan to herd them one day all together bahaha bahaha. went and bought Celine Dion's new CD. I dont' know if I am considering that my gift to myself yet.