Thursday, February 11, 2010

OUT and PROUD Olympics 2010 Vancouver!

ut and Proud! Olympics 105 day 2010 Torch Relay Feb. 11 Kits.Share

first of..the GYRO won..I had to make it a Greek day.
anyway, i'm talking about physically getting OUT there and be Proud of Canadians and whichever country you'r rooting for. That's what I was at tonight from 5:40pm ish to 7ish. The rain was a bit of a drag, photo ops involve dudging the flags, the elbows and the umbrellas ou, and rain drops! but a bit before the flame arrives, it had stopped.

people started pooling in on to the sidewalks and street on West Broadway, the police officers were quite amiable and really think it's quite a job they'r doing. the crowd keep crossing the 'white line' and there wasn't really any traffic control before the Torch arrives, so buses and cars had to go real slow along the way.

the who's and who's in Kits. Greek town as i always call it were there. didn't know which was the point that the actual passing relay was so i missed THAT photo op. and some pix sucked b/c couldn't find people be able to take a good one for me. and the torch guy went pretty fast, lesson learned, should have use video ! the lights around were making some troubles.

to be truthful, i think it's an experience to have, you see people of all sorts showing their patriotism, there'r some countries i know can learn THAT particular lesson from us Canadians. WE ROCK!!! yep, i could feel my heart rate and i was not even running.

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