Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Opening Ceremony Robson Square Feb 12 Friday

2010 Opening Ceremony Robson Square Feb 12 FridayShare

Rain, Wind WE ARE HERE!!! managed to get to leave work on time arrived right at VAG where there's the live broadcast, i managed to stand on something part of the lights set up, for a vertically challenged person, it's great to be able to get on that to take pix of the crowd. @BC Pavillion
crowd went wild when Team Canada came out. mom was rooting for Michael J. Fox to be the last lighter, humph. not him.

There wasn't as many people as I thought there but throughout the city there are quite a few celebration, broadcasting sites. my hands were freezing cuz i took the mittens with the same hand..bah!

so i asked the police officers to take my pictures to prove I was really there! okay and maybe some vids haha. still not perfected taking pix on my own. I wanna try the zip line thing on Robson!! Left earlier cuz didn't wanna get caught up in traffic, and bumm, i missed Gretsky! oh well, that's the THIRD time this month i missed the 'who's who's of the world.

k d lang !!! goodness that woman can sing. no Celine yet but i'd like to see k d and Celine perform together.

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