Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i got 'pou'

there's me, waiting patiently for the sweating bouncy kids to finish their gym.
they look happy, apparently enjoying the workout and sporting big smiles for me
when I open the door sporting the same smile on my face. they gingerly (okay...the word
just came to me) raised the place which they'd receive a stemp from the coach..then one of them
looked down and said " I GOT POO"!!
suddenly i felt my nose twitch and sniffed a few times thinking 'i don't smell anything.." and the kid
looked pretty happy,

i'm sure i have the puzzled look on my face..i looked over the heads of kiddos and silently quetioned the
coachs with my eyes (observing,they seem happy too..)..
WHAT AM I MISSING?? and THIS ALL happened within 10 seconds..yah..

then coming back aware of the same kid's voice "I got WINNIE the pooH!!'
right...seriously, the Bear really need another name.....

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