Thursday, May 28, 2009

huh, where is my 'superman' gone?

just had an after dinner conversation with mom and another friend and some how I remember my brother's best friends from junior high and I had forgotten that one of them looks so much like Christopher Reeve (or at least that's what I thought in my mind at the time) when he was at his best, the best and ultimate Superman!!
it's funny how i'v forgotten all about him cuz if i recall, think I had a thing for him. darn the academic pressure, pretty much took over my brain cells....nothing left for anything else.

this's been the week of remembering things from the past ..odd...does it have something to do with stepping into the 30s?
heck, I'm gonna go find the picture of my Superman....really, i dont' even remember his name, he's just...Superman.


Wantien said...

I love superman! I still keep the superman tinand the address book you bought me. Those good memories~ I still remember his face cuz I still review his movies every some other time. Christopher Reeve is the only superman in my mind ^^

kephallinian said...

oh yes, i know you absolute love Reeve.