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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Taste of Blood

After been stuck in the mystery genre for so long, finally progressed to biographies..and now back to sci-fi.
not b/c of the whole Twilight thinie, i haven't even the interest in reading or watching it. just the way the mind's progressed back to scifi.
was just thinking...what would i do if been a vamp is an option for me? would I like the taste of blood too much? but then i thought, i love the sun too much, if the myth is not a myth about vamp and sun..i'd miss it too much.
i know it's a bizzare thing to think about. but you never know.
years ago, no one belive that people can 'fly' or houses can build as high.

i think i'll be a ruthless my obsessive personality.

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