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Thursday, March 26, 2009

who are they really

the other day, just had the sudden need to check out the stash of books i'v not touched nor read for years.
and found this one particular book, written by my aunt, I had forgotten she had a book published. I dont' think
I'v bothered to read the intro. people wrote in her book, but I did that night.

one question lingered: who's this woman that these guys wrote about, the praises the descriptions of their kindness and the presence of elegance?

I remembered long time ago, we had one sleep over at their house, she was pleasant enough, or maybe i was just too oblivious to
notice anything that's different.

truth is, this aunt and uncle had become strangers, more so than people that i'v just met, it's that bad...i recall that as out of respect and cutesy, us nieces and nephews are required to address the elders in the specific terms everytime we meet them, and I dont' know when it started but I had gotten enough of the cold shoulders from them that i started to wonder, who are they?
are they the nice educated people their friends know and love and wrote about or is all those traits a big lie?

it's a shame how money, misunderstanding and jealousy can do to a familial relationship, it corrupts perhaps a potentially wonderful connection.
it's been 20 some years, who knows if it'll ever change for the better and les hostile.

yet i was sure that if they were the people as their friends' had praised, perhaps, we would be great friends.
but hey, here's the best example of the power of money.

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Wantien said...

That was bad... My family didn't encounter that problem yet, but myself had some "old friends" have the potential to be so. Money is really root of all evil, but one can not live without it. So be it~ At least you see the reality before it is too late. Life is so hard....