Saturday, December 27, 2008

found this amongst the paper junk pile

so I was cleaning out the paper junk pile and found this...

As I sense Morpheus' claim upon me, I looked out the window. At first glance, the hues of light shined across your face. I could not really tell which hue ends and which begins, the borders had blended on your face. A second, a third, several glances taken, a sudden realization befalls me; this was the first time after so many years prior that I had again taken the time, the bother to see and feel the radiance which for many raisings before Apollo rode his Chariot across; the radiance that you have always posessed. Just as I had forgotten others passed your beauty by roaming in Morpheus' realm, such beauty exuding stirs up the inspirational waves within my heart. My soul feels the calmness and stillness spreading across your face. This urge for me to be in such indescribable state is so great that it pains me to loose each and everyday I had, and will be missing. Never will I forgotten that random morning when we reunited. Never will I forgive myself for the days I would forgotten your radiance. Never will I take your grace for granted.

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