Friday, October 10, 2008

scent sensitive

I sniff here and there, food, clothes, the air, the room and people with scents that makes me nostalgic for something/someone in a good way; someone's vanilla sweet scent reminds me the more adventurous time I had, a roommate had that particular scent, tracked down the scent that a stranger used which I can't get enough of.

today on the bus ( I do spend lots of time on the bus..but that's where all the 'works' been done, mostly sudden revelations of life in general aha!), people piled in, and my nose picked up on a familiar scent, I started to sniff around ,as discretely as I can (fear not! I was sitting down, so it's not like I was moving around and sniffing!), finally found the source, directed my nose closer at the source trying to figure out where or who had that particular scent my nose had encountered before...turned out, it was the scent of the Bub....:(

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