Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fairy Dust

There are many ways to help a child go to sleep, some likes the classic back rub, there's the hold my hands, the touch my hair, the rub my arms and legs,the play piano/finger drums on my tummy girls, the gentle pressuring hold and of course, most boys love the gentle covering motion over the face. then, the other day, the wakeful boy took my hand and touched his own eyelids, he whispered something, i couldn't make out the words, so he tried to whisper again " sprinkle the fairy dust in my eyes". simple words, the power and magic of fairy tales, there's a strange degree of seriousness in the tone that he asked of me to do. well, yes, indeed I sprinkled those Oh so magical fairy dust. who knows, maybe the real fairies heard him and maybe I did feel their presence


desdemona said...

that is so sweet, sabrina! it must be moments like that that make you happy doing what you do. i like the way you wrote it, too.

kephallinian said...

thanks desdemona! it's my fav. so far of my own words haha. i guess when it come from the heart it does give different feel.