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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Step up people

sometimes, you hope what you hear will not turn out to be true.
sometimes, you hope this one person will step up and change your previous conception of who they are and how they do things.
sometimes you simply give this one person the benefit of the doubt.
sometimes what you can do is only that, hope.

The more you expect of this one person;
The more you are disappointed by this one person;
The more you will have to work hard to not feel the resentment;

You ask, why can't this one person step up?
You ask, why can't this one person just proof the sayings to be wrong?
You ask, why can't this one person do just once the unexpected, less predictable?
You ask, is it all too much to ask? just once that this person will fight for his/her own battle or yet join in the fight rather than always letting others be on the front line.

Then you realize, NOPE, some people just can't do all that, it's way too much to ask, even to fight for their own battles is too much.

there are those of us who are meant to be warriors of or own destiny and there are those who will always remain behind and curse the warriors for leading them to doom, but will always benefit from the stability and benefits from the hard works of those who fought.

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desdemona said...

that is true. and very well said.