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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lucid dream

Had one of those dreams, teeth falling off with blood, the feeling was too real, this same dream i'v had for numerous times, but this time was different, this was a lucid dream. i was well aware of that i was dreaming but still, the teeth kept falling out. I never feel the pain. had to literally push myself off the bed this time to make sure i was fully wake.

For some reason lately, i'v been having dreams again, recurring and not so joyous ones. right after the 'bloody teeth' dream, i had one at an airport which i recognized from another dream. but this time, i was returning from somewhere and heading off to the baggage claim, half of the area looked like an indoor parking lot, a rundown blue van with obvious dent already charge through one of the entrance in the claim area, all i saw was the van and suddenly there were several people wearing rain gears, boots raincoats pushing the van from the side from the rare of the van. part of the wall blocked my view of the upper body of the people and the inside of the van. this continue for a minute or so, suddenly I feel my body tells me to get out of there, the van's gonna head towards my direction anytime soon. I quickly head for the emergency exit door, as i open the door, i turned to see the van turned it's way to where i was standing moment ago, the front part of the van hanging off from the ledge heading down. i quickly dash down the flights of emergency exit stairs remember it was several floors and it led me out of the building straight away, decided to leave the airport all together. the baggage will have to wait.

dont' remember much after that. hadn't had such dreams for awhile till now, don't quite know what it all means.

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wantien said...

Sister, can you believe I had lots weird and scary dreams recently? I didn't know what they mean, but I know one thing--- I am under pressure! ha~ Someone told me whenever you had bad dreams, just speak it out and it will broke. That what I was doing!