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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In Memorium

Barely tall enough to peek over the surface of the old desk, a flicker of light eminating from the tip of the cigarret resting on the ashtray, the scent that accompanies the owner of the cigarrete is a familiar one. At times, it seems as if it’s daring to be touched until the footsteps of the owner was heard, the cologne reaching the tiny one’s nose, halted her dangerous temptation.

A pencil, an eraser and a text book at hand. He wore his reading glasses as he mumbles and repeats the words he had just learned the fothnight. After he had finished his homework, the little girl would climb up on the swirling chair, reach over and picked out that very same text book from the ancient wooden desk shelf. She turns the pages to the text, discovering the neat hand writtings and notes, the result of careful transcription she had witnessed not long ago. It buggles her mind, who ever learns a new language just for the sake of learning it well passing the senior age?

He pulls out his trusty ‘iron horse’ as they call it from the storage garage. Croquet equipment set on it, ready to join his team mates in the park for a practise. According to him, they are the best of the load of teams, maybe even will be in competition in a different country. The girl at times doubted there was really serious games taking place in the park, one day, she had taken a walk with a family member, they had easily seek out the supposedly croquet team, and sure enough, the team was in fact finishing up the game.

 Others often say he is bluffing about the past patriotic and herioic deeds. No mater what the truth is, the little girl had believed in them as they were each told with sounds and gestures wildly animated to discribe how he and his friends stood up to foreign invaders with their kunfu skills.

 Saving the naughty ones
As strict as he may seem, he has always ‘saved’ the naughty little ones from been punished by the parents. To the extreme that he would physically stand before them.

 The Bike incident
The girl would bike with her sibling over, a less than 10 minutes bike ride, dropping by to say hello before riding off again. The girl reached home and was asked why she did not show respect, girl was puzzled, couldn’t figure out what had happened that she was been accused of. Finally, the old man told on her and she had failed to verbalize her respect while dropping by. Feeling quite misunderstood, as she explained that he must have not heard her voice then.

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