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Thursday, November 18, 2010

mentally preping..etc.

Mentally preping myself with the first sign of wet snow, now relaly have to get my snow gears out, at least this year i finally have 2 sets of snow boots! It's been a few years since it starts snowing around me bday.
speaking of, already got 2 cards and gifts !! dont' know what to shop for yet but looking forward to the opera in Dec.
thanks to the ladies, J and E for those!

stuffed from hotpot at nice neighbours' , good company.
hm....and then there's the question of what exactly will i do with my hair?
finally watching VTS: Luv Gina and Colonel scene, Leccia's'd tangle my hair with those. Hilary B is awesome and let's not forget about CC's legs..makes me wanna really start try runnning, maybe i'll just have to pretend i'm running for the bus all the time.

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