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Thursday, June 10, 2010

surprising publication..embarrassing

well, think i got a bit of the distraction i was asking for. came home, found a parcel sent from Ellada, first i thought it was auntie Stav. who had send me thing, but don't recall her telling me that. ripped open the parcel, it's a bloody book in English.
I was puzzled at first, but then looked closely, it's from the 2002 conference in Thessaloniki, skimed over the table of content, spoted some of my friends' name and their paper title ...then i saw my paper in print!

I'm sure my extremely intellegent friends are used to having their paper and work published, but goodness, i'v never seen MY paper in print, in a bloody thick book.

I'm afraid to read the paper i wrote so many years ago and under very interesting 'living' situation. Truth be told, I was more concentrated on the other things i was learning and people i was meeting during that time.
hmm....hope the other people don't read the paper and think "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS PERSON fr. CANADA writing about?"

thinking back, i could have chosen a different topic... oh well. it's done, in print.

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