Sunday, May 2, 2010

do i look like i wanna talk?

i dont' know why people wanna talk to me when i'm still plugged in, this happend both Friday and today. wonder why people can't understand social cues anymore, well, unless they really need to ask about something (except @douleia mou..they'r not supposed to), of course that's a different story.

anyway, on the bus, plugged in, had my Bekas read at hand, this elderly lady started telling me where she's going, i was been polite, unplugged and listened to her for bit. not long after i replugged then next came a slightly drunk guy, asked me what i was reading and started telling me about yugoslavia and religion and of course started to ask me where i'm from.


desdemona said...

that is weird. i agree with you about social cues - people seem to not care anymore about certain signals that should be accepted. you should pretend you only speak greek ;)

kephallinian said...

hm...good idea Bess