Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thessaloniki Nostalgia Society

generally, i'm just nostalgic for Greece but just minutes ago, i was clearing up some email that i had kept, came across one 2002, my trip and quite uniqe experience with load of law students and lawyers from all over the world in Thessaloniki. (shout out to Michael T. Julia and Anna!).
this email from one of those genius law student had brought up the little stuff that i'd forgotten==>
"I miss bus 2/7/10/14/17, I miss gyros at 3 a.m., I miss Ouzo, I miss
Very Koko, I miss the excitement of nearly getting killed every time I
cross the road, I miss yelling 'malaka!' in revenge, I miss Plateia
Aristotelous, I miss sleeping to the soothing voice of prof. Koufa,, I miss room parties"

bah, I remember doing some of my Linguistics assignments during some of those lectures, I NEVER yelled 'malaka' though. it was tempting to join the protesters at the Plateia (which seems to happen alot there), the room parties got 'heated' (okay, I'm sure the Bulgarian girl would LOVE me now that my Greek's better i can translate for her and the Greek guy..heehee),I wonder if that club's still there? live salsa music ! and some homeless guy in thessaloniki might be still using my vodka/water bottle.

My only regret, i didn't have a digital camera then!!

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