Thursday, October 1, 2009

it's worth the $!! seriously

so i dont' remember how i decided to buy the ticket and go 2 the concert, maybe just the new thing i'm doing this year, LIVE and ENJOY and surely I freaking did. there were people young, old, hip, geeky, classy, gay, staright and in between sporting the Jason Mraz styled hat even some people with their young kids! place was packed, must be 2-3 hundred people in the standing area, He's the 2nd performer i'v seen perform live barefoot, the first has always been K.D. just as we thought they were done, they appeared right inthe middle of the place, sound stage performed a few more was funny watching the sea of standing people jogging from one place to another back and forth. Yep, the dude is even better LIVE, seriously, if you haven' seen him and he's heading your way, go see it. the $ is definitely worth it too...reading Matlin's book, so i tried covered my years at one point to see what kinda vibration i can feel, was pretty cool trying it out.

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