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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

in the spirit of Diwali

Yes, in the spirit of Diwali, I'v lighted the candles in circle, shown the kids the designs, the fact book with real pix in them, but there was the tape of Ravi Shankar. decided to put it on while i show the book, while they draw their designs and as the 2 candles flamed on. At first, was worried that the quick tempo of the sitar piece might trigger the dancing bugs in the kids, yet amazingly, not one of them moved, they listened intensely, i wish i had captured the look on "miss wiggly' , she of all people had the most intensive look while Shankar worked the sitar magic. prob. none of them have ever heard.
in the novels, it's often shown that many of the kung fu masters often challenges each other in the forms of the musical instruments they play, it can make u and it can break u, it tugs at the heart, the mind...the body's lost in the process..and TODAy, Master Shankar has proven the power of sitar

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