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Saturday, October 24, 2009

freaking accident

Never ignore the sign from the quivering eyelid, cuz post 5 minutes of that while standing on the opposite side of the street waiting for the B line, all's well in the cold night , moving my feet to Tarkan and watching this car broken down 2nd time. some good people helping out, then out of no where (or so it seems to be), heard bang, bang, screech bang! lifted my attention to the intersecion close to the other side of street, a pick up truck screeched fast down west of broadway without breaking, while an suv swarved towards the curb right infront of the Kafe, before it got there, it had already hit 3 other cars. people ran over to help the person who's still in the suv, hope the person was okay. and freaking hope whoever in that pickup gets what's coming....unbeleivable!! then, just saw a person threw a can on the sidewalk running 4 the bus, and the person's porch is just one throw away, y not threw it back at his own porch.

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