Friday, September 25, 2009

I'v told him 2 slow down

well, 'Billy' doesn't listen very well, he's been on a rampage with this story,in the process, he's missed the bustop he's supposed to get off, writting on the bus and very reluctant to put the pen down. On the other hand, been lazy on stuff, should be reviewing and start to try the scrabble but noooo..too much time's spent online and the writtings. maybe 'Billy' will get back to finish up that painting, it's been sitting there if not done, the other ones can't be started


desdemona said...

c'mon billy! finish that painting!
is billy the alter ego, my friend?

kephallinian said...

yep, billy's one of the many alter egos (but nope, i do not have multiple personalities haha, otherwise, i won't even know Billy exists.), he's new, i guess he's the creative one. that paiting is sitting right above my bed...just needed 3 things then it's complet.