Wednesday, September 9, 2009

drained..birthday shoutout!..happy news, recharge

Happy Birthday shout outs to my Eastcoast big boy Mason!!! 4 today!! starting school too.
felt pretty draining today...maybe it's the change of routine and overuse with brain cells.
least i got a great news, friend just had a baby boy (not sure it's today or yesterday though),
can't remember the name they'v chosen just remember it's a pretty name.

this must be a brainstorm week for many interesting things happened to close friends that required such.
mostly upsetting and maddening but at least it allows us to see things clearly before further damage can be done.

well, least right now i'v got GL and Otalia to be obsessed about and then..poofff it's gone in Sept.
well, by then, i'll be back to be obsessed about my true love haha.