Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lazy bug/zouzou here!!

I had meaning to blog the Halifax vacation sta ellinika , but procrastinating it.
seems the swimming time is taken up most of ..er the time.
I'm starting to doze off around 11 ish on some days.

anyway, the heat really's making me thinking of cutting my hair short again!'
the view in Vancouver is faboulous. we live in one pretty city with teh gorgeous view
the heat out made me wish we should have the platia..where we can walk around the platia after dinner.
i miss that.

found a dead bumble bee in my garden, i think it died of sunstroke, if that's possible or it was too stuffed? don't know, it didn't tell me how it died.

sweat..sweat...it's actually good. the new swim suit is creating different tan lines. counting sta ellinika while i do the freesyle really helps, or singing Baby Beluga in my head, dont' know why.

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