Thursday, June 25, 2009

what's is TPTB trying to tell me?

okay, so maybe im reading too much into it. but what's TPTB trying to tell me? is there a message at all?
how often does one person encounter 3 dead animals in a month in the city?

the pigeon was washed away by rain so i didn't call that one in, it would be so strange if I were to call that one in to the City animal control and then have to call in a dead crow today...they take records of people who report these things. it would be ...rather suspicious to them.
and i was just thinking of getting abit religious before all these sightings...could there be a connection. or 'm just imagining too much??

bottom line, i hope they did pick up the poor thing....that's all i can do for ya mr./ms. Crow.

RIP to all souls that had passed today.

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