Sunday, May 17, 2009

trapped in her mind

It all started with a simple discussion, a suggestion, seemingly harmless, but it weaved the web, one that is strong enough to trap her in her emotional turmoil. She's been here before, why would this be any differ?
Honestly, she has everything that life has to offer, why then does she feel the web closing in on her, inch by inch. The centurion is attempting for the leap again, making her unsettled. She knows she can cut the strings but would she finally let herself fleeting this ? She's not even sure if it's necessary, part of her knows this is merely one of the countless times that she'd laugh it off in time.

She's not sure which part of her is desperately clinging on to this trap. She did try to apeace the centurion by fighting for the temporary solace, yet defeated now it's turned into this angst, it's making her head hurt, she hates the feeling. Now, desperately searching for a way to release what's buidling up.

Now all she knows is, she's trapped in this circular, ever more confused.
thinking who has the answer? how wold she break this one this time? it seems to get worse everytime, if she gets over this one, will she get through the next one fast enough without going through it all over again?
All she can hope for is that there won't be any casualties of any kind or form.

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