Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 could this be the year?

2009 began with a big pile of...snow with Chico singing for pretty much 3 hours straight, an adventure coming down from Salmon House. it was kinda fun. got on the final skytrain, the transit was closing gate when we got to commercial drive. I think i'v forgetting how good it feels to be having the adrenaline pumping, it was kinda adventurous. ha, and also I had some alcohol in the system..that helped a little.

Just came into some very enticing summer program that I think this year would be the year to take on the adventure again. it's been a few years. but then of course, things have to all come together at the right time, and most of all is prob. getting myself not feeling guilty of leaving the folks behind. maybe i'll give myself an very early 30th bday present...(though I just had my 29th less than 2monthes ago).
I don't know, either THAT, or maybe a tattoo..
either way, the folks are going to ask me why ...we'll see once i know more detail.
humph, meanwhile, i'll just anticipating the negative side...well, I'll be a big grump for the summer then.

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