Thursday, December 11, 2008

the Stars say...SHE IS a LunaRtic!

Hardy harhar...something to be left unsaid?!
Full moon people, I had a sensory overload, noise or too many things going on and didn't even realize it until latter, yes, i blame it on the full moon. heightened senses...think sometimes the lunar affects me more than the kids.

"The temptation to flirt with a married friend is there, but unless you want to be named in a divorce hearing, keep your cool. Pals in committed relationships may feel flattered when you dote on them, but their spouses won't find your behavior amusing. Avoid domestic upheaval at all costs.
You've got to keep up with a lot of activity today, but it's not so hard -- you've got plenty of energy! It should feel pretty great by the end of the day, though you are also pretty worn out.
All talk and no action won't help you make a love connection. If you want to speed things along, now is the right time to ask your crush on a date. It doesn't have to be an epic affair. Start with a casual event and go from there."

so said the astrology for my two signs....can't make up its mind.

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