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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the Full Moon effect

No one really knows if that's true? but for certain, I think as the first day of the full moon for the month strange things happened today all in a row.

FIRST,several kids were upset one after another as they arrived, and 2 forgot their lunch bags, 2 had wrong/forgotten accessories

THEN, an inconsiderate woman who keeps parking out at the front starts again this week after last week's absence, of all the free spaces around she just had to park it right in front of our complex, it's like she's trying to camouflage her car as ours? i wanted to ask her why? just to see the logic behind her thoughts

THEN, was told that my one of my neighbour's expecting their 2nd child (too bad they are moving back East soon)

THEN, had the confirmation from the other neighbour that they are moving down under (sure gonna miss both kids!)

THEN, walked right through the aftermath of maybe a hit and run, 3-4 police officers with measuring device and yellow tapes around that says "do not cross", i think if i didn't stay and played with the bub in the yard, i might have been right there at the time of the 'hit' since it's right where I wait for the bus.
THEN, the bus driver had stopped the backdoor right directly opposite from a mailbox, the door won't close, or open properly, jammed, the driver tried several solutions until a passenger helped him move the mailbox.

didn't think i'd make it for swim today but boy, i think i really needed to do it, to digest all those things er...yah, via physical means.
Howling at the moon...or I should....

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desdemona said...

but you can come visit!!
and so can we.