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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since the beginning of human history, different forms of violence it has seen, the same monster hiding behind various appearances, from the stones, bronze, irons, swords, knives, to bullets and nukes. While none of us (or so I hope for those that I know) like that same monster that plaques humanity, some of us can stomach one form more than the other when we'r on the indirect receiving end of that monster's claws.

For some reason I love the ancient forms of warfare, weapons and strategies i.e. the swords and staffs more than the modern bullets and nukes , and maybe b/c of that the recent horrifying news of decapitation on board a bus affects me more than the news on some guy shot dead by hail of bullets.
Perhaps for the reason that the ancient forms are more tangible, a sword, a knife directly connects to one's hands in action, while bullets, it leaves the proximity of 'self' and travels the distance; the death is less tangible in the modern form.

The imagination runs wild, to think of how one can actually carry out the act, and to think of how it must have felt on the receiving end and to think of how it must have been for the witnesses.

perhaps the effect is tremendous b/c it reminds me of the Jap's execution style while occupying China and TW.

I have no doubt that to have taken a life changes one person forever, the lost of blood innocence, indescribable.
As strange as it may sound, it's giving me the urge to come up with another simple painting idea.....don't know what it will be yet, just can feel it coming..

May Eirene and Asclepius keeps those witness' mental state

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