Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flood strategy

tis a shame that I didn't take pix of the flood that covered 1/4 ish of the centre and all carpets too! Fortunately i was not the one that discovered it, the first day didn't stink, but the 2nd day was really stinky. really, it happened before Monday, so it could've been a-flooding for a few days by the time we were in operation.

we had licensing and the health authority came to inspect whether or not we are fit to stay open. it's pretty stressful, having to figure out who does what and where to place the kids when we can't stay much in the room. Good thing is the weather was not bad and we did manage to use the other room provided by the Hall.

so 3 days of the shuffling kids here and there to avoid the big noise from fans and dehuminizer, the restoration company put in new carpet, still smells though b/c it's been new. quite puffy too!!
then of course, i had the workout that morning moving stuff to the rightful place then we had the fieldtrip too.

it's amazing we were able to stay open without any major problems.
what an experience to keep us thinking on our toes and flex with what we can do Kudos to the team that was there.

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Anonymous said...

Sab, sounds horrible... what are u up to, anyway? I'm in Cyprus, working, it's TOO HOT...
Theia STav