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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Taste of blood

Last Monday, curse my impulsion to use my hands and fingers to fix things. yep, that's how i got my middle finger splashing blood, thanks for the natural flight system us human posses, i was able to avoid the lose of small chunk of my finger tip, but the cut damage was done. of course i did the first and only reflex thing one does when there's a cut with blood (um, no, not fainting, i did NOT faint), I stuck my finger in my mouth for several minutes before i realized i actually had a handkerchief (yep, bless the old habit i remember from Kinders)

6 days now, it seems to be healing nicely, still red and bruised but was still able to pick up my sword exercise..can't believe i gained 3 kg in the last 3 months, blame it on dad's cooking and blame it on the winter weather.

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