Sunday, December 30, 2007

平心靜心 Taichi Mantra?!

this picture came around when i detected slight trace of my flaring temper, yes, one very pissed off sister I was, not at my brother but someone that indirectly related to my sister in law.
either love really blinds people or people just plain bloody selfish. as a result of that, Jack and Eileen are staying at her Oma's for a good whole week in Creston. don't get me wrong, i like Oma and she is getting old so visiting from the grandkids are fun and proper but not when mom flew back from TW (when she didn't really have to yet) b/c Jack and Eileen are back for the holidays as well.
last i'v heard they both are on Oma duty while E's mom is bird watching with the boyfriend. and this year they drove the boyfriend's car...and the bus costs too much for J and E to take back to Vancouver.

If I were Santa...the boyfriend is on the very naughty list.....Sab's black list has his name on the NUMBER ONE spot..

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desdemona said...

uh oh! sorry you are unhappy. family does that. mine pisses me off all the time. where is creston? aren't they coming back to vancouver at all before going home?